Dialing Down

I started this blog over a decade ago. A couple of years ago, I mused about the reasons I started it, which were basically:

  • Easier way to communicate with friends and family
  • Keeping a record of Dante’s childhood
  • It was theraputic to record my parenting experience
  • It was fun to write stuff from his point of view. (I should have mentioned that I was totally inspired by Stephen Granade, whose baby blog was hilarious.)

Things are feeling different to me now. Dante has been with us for more than 10 years, and there is no longer a crowd of people seeking updates on him. I have settled well into being a parent — in fact for me it’s gotten easier and easier as time has gone on — so I no longer feel the need for a personal outlet very much. And while it’s great to have a record of his childhood, I find that lately most of what I’m writing about is favorite toys, or doings at school, or mutual adventures. This is all cool, of course, but it doesn’t feel quite so essential.

Moreover, as I wrote in that prior post, Dante is more and more occupying his own place in the world, and it feels less and less appropriate for me to write anything on his behalf. If he has something to communicate, he can write it himself now. And if I have something I want to write about for my own sake as a parent, I have to be careful to protect both his privacy and my own. Hence the password-protected posts, which have always felt a bit kludgey to me.

Consequently, I think I’m going to be tapering off my commitment to this blog. It may not be incredibly apparent, but I’ve maintained a deal with myself which dictates that I must post here on a regular basis. I think it’s time to let that deal expire. That doesn’t mean I’ll never post here again — if the occasion arises and it feels right, I’ll gladly record more of our adventures here. And I’ll probably still do the annual Facebook post, as long as that remains a relevant thing. But I’m going to let go of my personal sense of obligation about writing here.

For those of you who have read this stuff, I am grateful for and honored by your attention. Don’t hesitate to email me (or comment on one of these entries) if you’re hungry for an update, and I’ll write one. I possibly may start a more private blog in the future about parenting, and make its readership invitation-only. If I do that, I’ll likely move all the protected posts there, since as Dante points out, it’s weird to have entries on his blog that he himself isn’t allowed to read.

Until next time, so long, and thanks for sharing the ride.


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