Summer Reruns 2015

Say, it’s just about summer, isn’t it? I guess that means it’s time once again for the annual Facebook recap!

November 29: Gamer friends: Dante and I are having a blast with various Lego video games — these are great because they have cooperative play modes built in, so we can play together without having to take turns or compete. Any other recommendations for other cooperative games aimed at the 8-12 age bracket? (i.e. nothing too scary or violent.) We use the PC rather than a console, but do have USB game controllers.

Selected comments:

[Kent Cearley] minecraft?
[G. Paul Bailey] Definitely Minecraft in creative mode
[Paul O’Brian] For some reason he’s never really dug minecraft. It feels too violent to him. Not sure the difference between its violence and Legos flying apart, but he sees it that way.

(Let it be noted that our eventual solution to this dilemma was: MOAR LEGO GAMES! Also, we have lots of fun with SuperTuxKart in multiplayer mode, and now that we have a second heavy-graphics-capable PC in the house, we will also sometimes team up in Marvel Heroes 2015.)

January 14: Dante argues with the classic hits.
BEATLES: Every little thing she does, she does for me, yeah!
DANTE: Really? What about breathing? What about sleeping?
ME: Yeah, I guess when you come down to it she’s got to be doing some things for herself.

Selected comments:

[Duncan Stevens] Next you’ll be telling me every little thing she does *isn’t* magic.
[Paul O’Brian] Nah, the things she does for herself can still be magic. Maybe even more so.
[Duncan Stevens] I wonder if he’ll ask you why the movement you need is on your shoulder.
[Paul O’Brian] I’ve always wondered that myself.

Actually, I think that’s a typical bit of Paul gibberish, and when he played John the song he said, “I’ll fix that bit,” to which John replied, “Don’t change that! It’s the best line!”

[Duncan Stevens] I believe you’re right. (Imagine how the course of history would have changed had “Yesterday” similarly been left as “Scrambled Eggs.”)
[Paul O’Brian]

January 23: Going through old emails tonight and came across this funny Dante conversation that I don’t think I ever posted here. I was working with him to make a card for my dad’s 70th birthday:

ME: What do you want to say to granddad?
DANTE: Happy birthday granddad! I’m glad you’re 70!
ME: That sounds great.
DANTE: And, I hope you like being old!
ME: Uh, let’s workshop that a little bit.
DANTE: Okay, how about: if there were a contest in our family and you
scored points for how old you were, you would totally win!
ME: Maybe let’s take the emphasis off the “you are so old” stuff.

February 28: Dante, on hearing the live version of Fleetwood Mac’s “Not That Funny”: “That guy sounds like he’s having a problem.”

March 9: Dante argues with the classic hits:
JIM CROCE: Like the pine trees lining the winding road, I got a name. I got a name.
DANTE: Well, of course. Almost everybody has a name.

March 11: Dante AGREES with the classic hits:
CHRISTINE MCVIE: I never did believe in the ways of magic.
DANTE: Me neither. Or the ways of Santa.

Selected comments:

[Jennifer Nelson] Is he beginning to wonder why?
[Paul O’Brian] Nope, he’s pretty certain.

March 15: Dante ADVISES the classic hits:
CLASH: If I go there will be trouble, and if I stay it will be double.
DANTE: Then go. Because it’s half the trouble.

Selected comments:

[Duncan Stevens] Also, “if you say that you are mine/I’ll be here till the end of time.” What if you get tired of him later? Better not say it.
[Jennifer Nelson] I completely agree with Dante on this one. The answer is obvious.
[Leonard Fahrni] The kid has mad algebra skills

May 14: Dante argues with the song that everybody else also argues with:

KILLERS: Are we human, or are we dancer?
DANTE: Humans ARE dancers.

Selected comments:

[Jenny O’Brian] It just occurred to me that maybe it’s Dancer the reindeer that’s in question here?

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