Is Everypony Ready?

A couple of years ago, Dante followed one of his closest friends into a Pokémon infatuation. Now she’s moved on to something new, and he’s moving with her: yes, quite suddenly, it is all about My Little Pony here. There have been little rumblings for a few months now, but several weeks ago his interest suddenly skyrocketed, for reasons I’m not sure of.

He sought out some YouTube videos of all the songs from the first several seasons of the show, and watched it over and over again. Based solely on this video, he extrapolated a bunch of “facts” about the show and the characters — some correct and some not. Then he taught us these facts, and hailing as we do from a non-pony country, we learned them. Only slowly, over time, did I come to realize how much of this information he’d simply made up on his own.

However, once I understood what was going on, I was rather perturbed. I really do not want Dante to adopt the habit of inventing his own information and then acting as if it is true, without bothering to find out the real deal for himself. I want our family to live in the reality-based community, thanks very much.

Lucky for me, the show is on Netflix, which allows us to catch up with who everybody actually is, and why they do what they do. Now Dante can rearrange his conjectures to match the real story. We’ve made a deal to try to watch at least one episode a day, though once he figured out how to use Netflix he started zooming ahead of me. That’s fine — I don’t mind catching up.

Even luckier for me, the show is actually pretty fun, as many a brony could testify. It’s one of those shows where the main content is for kids, but there’s enough in there for adults that we can really enjoy sharing it together. The comedy, especially, is quite well done, and they sometimes make the occasional reference that would go well over a kid’s head but be caught by an appreciative parent. For instance, Pinkie Pie’s gait as she trails after a fellow pony is pure Pepe Le Pew.

So now I’m learning all about Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia, and the rest. Dante is learning how to sew, because Rarity sews. He’s making rainbow-themed art at school. Celestia is the background on his computer account. And we’re all learning a lot of valuable lessons about the magic of friendship.


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