Nimbus Snowdrop

I swear this blog will be about Dante again soon, but there’s a thread still hanging from the previous posts: the cat’s name! So let me wrap that up with a little summary written by Laura:

Introducing our sweet kitten, and his new name — Nimbus Snowdrop Wilson. We chose the name “Nimbus” because:

  • nimbus means: the type of cloud that yields precipitation, either snow or rain (and our kitten has white fur on his chest and face that looks like snow softly falling)
  • nimbus also means: a scientific term for a halo, a circle of white in the sky which is an optical phenomenon produced by ice crystals; also, nimbus means an artistic representation of a halo, or a ring of light, surrounding a person in artwork (and we adopted our kitten from the shelter, Angels with Paws, so the halo imagery is pertinent)
  • more generally, nimbus also means: the cloud, aura, or atmosphere surrounding a person or thing (and our kitten brings a lovely, sweet presence to our home)
  • also, a cumulonimbus cloud is a tall cloud mass with darkness on its sides and lower portion, along with high cottony white parts (and our kitten has dark tabby stripes and swirls, in addition to his fluffy white front and paws)
  • besides, a cumulonimbus cloud can bring thunder (and our kitten has a sonorous, rumbly purr)
  • and yes, the nimbus 2000 is a flying broom in the Harry Potter series

And we chose “Snowdrop” for his middle name because:

  • the snowdrop is a beautiful, small, white flower, with petals that generally hang down (all four of our kitten´s paws are soft white, and he often sits with his two front paws placed neatly together – so they look quite like the petals of a beautiful little snowdrop flower)
  • snowdrops are one of the first flowers to bloom in spring; they may look rather delicate, but in fact they are rather hardy plants, often poking up and blooming despite the snow remaining on the ground (and our kitten was born in March to a mama cat who needed to be helped by the shelter)

Any questions? 🙂


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