Cat Dancer

Hello. It’s t.k., our new cat here. I would like to tell you about something. What happened is I was in Angels With Paws, a cat shelter, for a long while. And then, I got taken home by people. Apparently “home” is a room… the BIGGEST room I have ever seen in my WHOLE LIFE! In fact, they just added a new part and made it EVEN bigger. That’s for another post.

But anyway. I think it’s fun, but the humans think it’s naughty, to scratch on the new king bed, although I just got a thing called a scratching post that’s nice to scratch on too, and I’m slowly transitioning. I also like to walk across my humans’ heads every two hours in the night and wake them up. But the best part is the toys.

“Toys” are little things that are so fun to play with! Here’s a list of some toys:

  • There’s this little thing that my humans hold and then it shines a red dot on the ground, which is so fun to chase! I can run pretty fast. Videos coming soon, and so are pictures.
  • And there’s also this rainbow-colored toy, which is also very fun to chase around.
  • There is also this green string with a butterfly on the end of it, which is pretty cool.

But my favorite one of all is something called a “Cat Dancer.” It’s basically some sticks on a string, which my humans have lots of fun games with, like the “circle run,” where my human moves my cat dancer all around and around in circles and I chase it until I get dizzy! Or I catch it. And there’s the “high jump,” in which my owners hold my cat dancer up high and then I make an amazing leap and for some reason my smallest owner imitates it. And last but not least, there’s another function of the cat dancer: the “cat-apult”, in which my human curls it up and drags it and I chase it until suddenly it springs around all over the place and I get confused, but then I chase it some more.

Alright, that’s the end of this post. More posts are coming soon! Bye!

[This post brought to you by Dante, channeling t.k.]


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