Summer Reruns 2014

Time once again for that cherished summer tradition, the yearlong recap of Dante anecdotes posted to Facebook:

September 5: Laura is dropping Dante off at school today. They see the principal, Mr. Cochran, who is wearing bright Broncos orange.
DANTE: Where do you get all those crazy shirts?
MR. C: At the crazy shirt store!
DANTE: [Remembering, I swear, Mr. C’s Halloween costume from 2 years ago, in which he dressed as Muppet Babies’ Animal.] And where did you get those big footie pajamas?
MR. C: From the big footie pajamas store!

Dante and Laura wave goodbye, head for the door. On the way, Dante says to Laura, sotto voce, “That is a store that is GUARANTEED to go out of business.”

October 19: Dante: “I don’t get why they say about a baby, ‘bouncing.’ What is with the boing? You should not introduce a boing that early on.”

November 15: Dante spontaneously decided he wanted to write some interactive fiction. We broke out Inform 7 and made a little game from the POV of his teacher’s dog. He then said he wanted to play one of my games, to see what a finished one was like, so we played through Earth & Sky.

So yeah, that was really, really fun.

Selected comments:

[Paul O’Brian] The teacher played through Dante’s game with her husband. Best comment: “We also appreciated the irony that when we gave the command to ‘sit’ or ‘roll over’ that we were told ‘this is not a command I recognize’. So true. So true.”

December 19: Doing homework:
ME: What’s the capital of Georgia?

January 13: And now, another episode of “Dante argues with the classic hits”:

TEMPTATIONS: I don’t need no money, fortune or fame.
DANTE: You need *some* money.

Selected comments:

[Adam Cadre] How long before he’s ready to read The Dispossessed?
[Rachel Wright] So glad he’s taking a pragmatic approach to life!
[Paul O’Brian] Adam: I give it three years. Right now he’s all about Dahl, Eager, and Pokemon handbooks.

February 12: Somehow I doubt this toy is making kids any smarter.

April 6: Dante’s review of Muppets: Most Wanted – “It was pretty good, but there were too many explosions in the first part and too little explosions in the second part. They should spread the explosions out more evenly like they usually do.”

June 3: Dante has been into the Muppets’ Swedish Chef lately, and imitates him all day long, often via repeating something we just said. Thus ensued this conversation:
ME: Man, I feel like everything I say comes back at me in mock-Swedish.
DANTE: What do you mean, “mock-Swedish”?
ME: Well, the Swedish Chef doesn’t *really* speak Swedish.
DANTE: How are you spelling “mock”?
ME: M-O-C-K.
DANTE: Oh, I thought you were talking about Swedish that moves at the speed of sound! In which case, all Swedish would be Mach-Swedish.

July 5: Dante argues with the classic hits.
QUEEN: No time for losers, cos we are the champions!
DANTE: That seems mean to me. I would change it to “Still time for losers, but we are the champions.”


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