The Dante Show: This Is The Endor

Ewoks are the thing nowadays. Dante’s Star Wars fandom has zeroed in on those fierce and adorable alien teddy bears. I remember a certain amount of disdain and derision going around when the Ewoks appeared in Return Of The Jedi. Kids my age, who were 7 years old when Star Wars came out, had reached the far more sophisticated age of 13 when Jedi emerged. How dare these fuzzy cutie-pies sully our majestic space opera? Well, Lucas must have known what he was doing at the time, because the 8-year-old in my house can’t get enough Ewoky goodness.

In fact, he’s created his own version of Endor, the Ewoks’ home planet (okay nerds, I know it’s actually a moon.) In fact, he’s been good enough to give us a tour:

(The dancing letterbox is apparently YouTube’s way of compensating for my handheld shakycam. Thanks, YouTube!)

He’s also elected to dress up as an Ewok for Halloween this year. Pictures coming soon…


3 thoughts on “The Dante Show: This Is The Endor

    • Could not agree more. Dante likes Jar Jar too, and occasionally tries to debate me on the subject. I just tell him that Jar Jar is aimed at his age group, so it’s no surprise he likes him.

    • Suzanne, I have to give you this follow up. Dante has some Thomas the train sheets for his bed, and when we were putting them on the bed last night, this dialogue ensued:

      DANTE: We need to get rid of these Thomas sheets sometime soon.
      ME: Oh really? How come?
      DANTE: Because I don’t like Thomas anymore.
      ME: You don’t? Why not?
      DANTE: Because, I’m just older, and I’m not into it.
      ME: Oh, so you’ve outgrown it? That makes sense.
      DANTE: You know how you feel about Jar Jar?
      ME: Yeah?
      DANTE: That’s how it is with me and Thomas.

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