The Ball Of Genius Interview: Alchemy

So, as I said a while ago, Dante had his own idea about what he’d like to include on this blog. As usual, he’s been going through obsessive phases, and on the day I happened to ask, his focus was on a new game he’d downloaded for his hand-me-down iPhone, a game called Alchemy.

Since it’s Dante’s topic, I thought perhaps the best way to do so was to interview him about it. So I found my own nifty little app, this one to record conversations using my Android phone. Thus, herewith, the first Ball Of Genius interview. My parts are in bold text.

So Dante, tell me what is cool about Alchemy.
It’s… really this is kind of hard to describe. It’s like… you start with 4 things and you can make 231 things.


How do you make 231 things out of 4 things?
Well, it just makes more and more and more and more and more and you figure out more and more combinations…

So you just click the “go” button and 4 things turn into 231 things?

How does it work, then?
How does it work is you drag one thing out and then you drag another thing out and they mix. And you have to keep doing that with different ones and different ones and different ones, and eventually that’ll get the 231.

So what are the 4 things that you start out with?
Water, fire, air, and soil.

And then you would drag two of those things out, and mix them together. What’s an example of that?
Fire and soil make lava.

So then you have five things. What do you do with the five things? Like, does lava mix with something else to make something new?
Well… so then you mix soil and water to make swamp. Then you mix fire and air to make energy. Then you mix energy and swamp to make life. Then you mix life and lava to make lava golem.

To make what??
Lava golem.

Lava golem? Uh, okay. What’s a lava golem?
Let me show you.

Uh, well I’m going to be writing all this down, so you can’t really show me. Although maybe I could try to find a picture of it on the web that I could… capture and put on there. [I ended up taking screenshots on the iPhone and mailing them to myself.]
You can do that.

Does a lava golem mix with anything?
Um, yeah it does. Let me show you.

What does it mix with?
Let me kind of show you in the actual thing.

So for the blog what we’ll have to do is see if we can get some screen shots of this.

Water and air make steam.

Now let me do the thing I was talking about.
Soil… make lava.

And then lava…
Air… make energy.
Then: Soil…
And water…

make swamp.
And then energy and swamp make life. It just says that because life is… life. It’s like, alive.

What does it say?
It says, “a vital substance.”

And then life plus lava makes… lava golem!

And then does lava golem mix with anything?
Let me show you. Lava golem and water make a whole bunch of stuff:
09 lotsostuff

Oh HO! Wow. Okay, so it makes rocks and energy and a little bit of steam. So, what’s your favorite thing about alchemy?
What’s my favorite thing is there’s so many things to discover.

And then if there’s anything you could tell the people who read your blog about Alchemy, what would it be?
What would that be…? I think it’d be that: there’s so many things to discover.

Alright. Anything else that you would like to mention about Alchemy for your blog?

Alright, we’re done then. Thank you!
Okay, I wanna hear the recording.


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