2013 Calendar (a few months late)

In Dante’s class this year, the teacher decided to do a handprint calendar project with the kids. The idea was that there would be a picture for each month, done with hands dipped into paint in some way. Each picture has a cutesy little bit of doggerel attached, but the main attraction is meant to be the paintings.

Problem is, Dante is quite opposed to getting paint all over his hands, so in the Stargate way, they accommodated him and allowed him to paint his own pictures with a brush. The result is one of my favorite things he’s ever brought home.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Dante Wilson 2013 handprint calendar. (Click each image for a larger version):

CoverYes, he painted those — he doesn’t really have two right hands.

01 JanuaryHis signature at the bottom seems to be expressed as some sort of division problem — he was just starting to learn long division at this point. Also, I believe the snowman has long hair.

02 February This sweet heart didn’t get signed at all, so the teacher did it for him.

03 March The scale along the side is appropriated from a web game called Reachin’ Pichin, in which you launch a little creature into the air above some trees. So the scale shows the shamrock’s relative size, though with no markings and no comparison, it’s still a little hard to grok. I believe the shamrock is supposed to be big. Also, according to Dante, the green dot is the shamrock throwing off a seed.

04 April Note the quotation marks around “Easter Bunny”. He puts quotes now around things whose validity he is questioning. (Hooray for proper use of quotation marks!) It’s especially funny when he uses air quotes to do it. The signature is again some kind of division.

05 MaySuddenly the signature leaps into prominence! It’s almost as big as the image itself. Could be a hot new trend in the art world.

06 June Simple and sweet. After that humongous signature, he now seems to have decided that his work is now so distinctive it requires no signature at all.

07 JulyPatriotic!

08 AugustOne of my favorites. There’s a small fish in the bottom right, with a smile on its face. It accompanies a much larger fish, which appears to be wondering about its relationship to Star WarsAdmiral Ackbar, a gent who looks rather fishy himself. Also, Ackbar is of the Mon Calamari race, and Dante knows that calamari is a word for squid. According to Dante, the fish is wondering whether Ackbar is also a fish.

09 SeptemberThe tree is home to an Ewok village, drawn in pencil.

10 OctoberHighly stylized and abstract, but no less creepy for that.

11 NovemberHere’s my very favorite of all. ZonePerfect bars are what Dante claims as his favorite food. Well, actually brownies are his #1 favorite, but Zone bars are his “favorite non-dessert food.” He’s familiar with the Chick-Fil-A “Eat Mor Chikin” campaign, and so his turkey exhorts us to “eat more Zone bars.”

12 DecemberAs I’ve mentioned before, we celebrate both Solstice and Christmas in our house during December. As he’s gotten older, Dante has become a more passionate advocate for Solstice, and in fact was quite outraged on Laura’s behalf when he learned that Stargate was to be open on Winter Solstice day (the 21st.) So in this picture, he adds his commentary via an asterisk next to the word “Christmas”, that Solstice must be recognized too!

At our parent-teacher conference in January, his teacher confessed to us that she’d made a classic first-year-teacher mistake and taken on a project that was WAY too big. We made sure to let her know that despite that, we are very grateful indeed, because this thing is awesome.


3 thoughts on “2013 Calendar (a few months late)

  1. I’m really impressed that the smaller fish is photo negative to the larger fish. That he thought to create it by outlining the area that wasn’t fish around it is neat.

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