The Dante Show: Too Cute

We had a cat named Random for the first 4 years of Dante’s life. He loved this cat in a tragic, unrequited way, as the cat wanted absolutely nothing to do with him. During that time, we learned from a blood test that he’s actually allergic to cats, though he showed no particular signs of allergy distress during those four years. Consequently, despite being a house full of cat lovers, we have not had a cat in residence since Random died. We’re still trying to figure out how to give it another shot.

In the meantime, Laura and Dante are filling the void with cat-oriented TV shows. Yes, thanks to the magic of the DVR and the good people over at Animal Planet, we have a wide variety of cat programming at our fingertips. They’re the avid watchers, but I pick up quite a lot just being around the house when these shows are on. There’s Cats 101, which is a bit hit-or-miss — we like the kitty footage and the breed information, but could really do without the cat shows and the purebred bias. Then there’s the utterly charming Must Love Cats, which follows an adorable cat-loving songwriter guy around the country and the world as he investigates various kooky cat-oriented stories. And finally, there’s Too Cute, which is just about what you’d expect — lots and lots of kittens, along with puppies, baby goats, bunnies, and so forth. In fact, the show always opens with, “Warning: The following program contains content that is just too cute. Viewer discretion is advised.”

From this last one, Dante has picked up a new and most adorable habit, of mewling like a kitten, purring, stumbling blindly, and generally emulating nature’s cutest creature. Let’s go to the videotape. Apologies for the weird sound — not sure what is causing all the little blips:

This has become his regular routine in the morning. Pretending to be a cat is part of how he makes his reentry into the waking world. There are lots of cute habits (and some not so cute) going on right now, but this one approaches dangerous levels of cuteness. Viewer discretion is advised.


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