The Dante Show: Hooverville

Lately, Dante has been cycling through obsessions at a rapid pace. Today it’s dominoes. (Knocking them over, that is.) Before that it was bugs. And then there were a few days where, for whatever reason, he was greatly enthused about our vacuum cleaner. We got this vacuum cleaner — a Hoover Platinum model, with an upright and a canister — about a year ago when our old one died. When the vacuum arrived, Dante was fascinated with it, as tends to happen with any new purchase. He watched the Amazon video that advertises the product over and over, and jumped at the chance to vacuum the floor. Ahh, great times. That lasted for a few days, and then he was over it. This is a pattern that has repeated with most every new purchase that has come into our lives.

Inexplicably, however, vacuum love came roaring back a couple of weeks ago. He interviewed everyone at school about their choice of vacuum cleaners, and tried to sell them all on the clearly superior Hoover Platinum model. He was even cajoling the janitor to buy a Hoover for all his school cleaning needs. We kept running into teachers and administrators who would tell us, “I had a long conversation with your son about my vacuum cleaner!”

At home, he’d ask us to pretend to be customers in the market for a new vacuum, and then he’d proceed to demonstrate and explain the many fine features of the Hoover Platinum lightweight upright and canister vacuum cleaners. These sales sessions were so memorable that I just had to record one. Hoover, if you’re listening, let’s talk endorsement contract.


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