The Dante Show: Earthwagga and other tricks

One fine day, Dante and I were playing, and I ended up spinning him around. He’s always loved being spun. This day, though, he wanted to do it a little differently. He’d start out walking, then running, then lift off the ground. After spinning for a while, I’d slow down, and he’d run, then walk again. Then I’d fall over from the dizziness.

He could not get enough of this game. He wanted it the next day, and the day after that, and so on. I asked him to name it, and he called it (for some reason) “Earthwagga.” We’d just watched a space shuttle landing on TV — maybe that had something to do with it.

That was over two years ago, and his enthusiasm for Earthwagga has never waned. Now there’s a whole bunch of ritual around it. I’m supposed to pretend at the beginning of every session that I have no idea with Earthwagga is, then play dumb in all sorts of crazy ways to make him laugh. The falling over from dizziness part, though, has been there from the beginning. It’s become ritual, but I’d have to do it even if it weren’t. What’s new nowadays is that while I lie on the ground recovering, Dante has taken to doing all kinds of tricks of his own, his versions of roundoffs and somersaults. Lately, he’s also started calling me “BFG” — he’s very into this Roald Dahl book right now.

I’ve always meant to have this filmed, and finally got it done just recently. So I give you: Earthwagga.


3 thoughts on “The Dante Show: Earthwagga and other tricks

  1. Movie

    Thanks for the great movie, you two are awesome! Loved watching it again and again. Oh! to have all that energy again.
    Love to you all, Aunt Ellen

  2. earthwagga

    What fun to watch you two playing Earthwagga in the yard. I was dizzy just watching all the twirling!! And Dante’s somersaults are the best!!

    Kansas jenny’s mom

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