Stories We Could Tell

As promised, here are some of the stories Dante wrote in literacy class this year. First, the one I mentioned last time about

This cover page deserves some explanation. At the top you can see a $20 bill (with Andrew Jackson labeled), which is one of the prizes he hopes to get. Then there’s a little chart of myjobchart influence, starting with Micah, his friend who turned him on to the site. One line from Micah’s name leads to Dante’s name, and two more lines lead to prizes Micah is hoping to earn, which I believe represent a videogame and an iPad. (Something tells me these prizes are far, far in the distance, but fun to fantasize about, kind of like Dante wanting a $100 bill.) From Dante’s name, one line (moving northwest on the page) leads to a huge representation of the world coin grab bag. Another line leads to his friend Maya, who he told about the site. One last line led to his friend Garrett, but Garrett quit (for reasons I don’t know), so his name has been erased and replaced with a question mark. From their names, lines lead to more question marks, representing the great mystery of where myjobchart’s influence will spread next. Dante may have a bright future as a Ponzi schemer.

Now the rest of the story, with closed captioning for the Dante-handwriting-impaired:

[The lettering at the top is unclear to me. It’s a space for an illustration, but Dante has inscribed in instead with cryptic runes. “Me and sssola ground”?]
I think is weird. On it you can save money to buy money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Garrett closes out.

I get the world coin grab bag.

Most of the stories are structured to have a beginning, middle, and end, but here’s one that compares and contrasts our modern world with that of the ancients:


There are 118 elements (now). [He’s wild about parentheses lately.] But there were 4 elements air, water, fire and earth. [He apparently does not share my enthusiasm for the serial comma, though, or the colon for that matter.]

Dante 3/5/11

Finally, here is my favorite story of all the ones he brought home. It requires a bit of setup, though. We’ve been reading chapter books to him at night for a while (and he’s just started reading them on his own, a very exciting development). One of these was Socks by Beverly Cleary. It’s the story of a cat who gets adopted by a family, then the family has a baby and Socks has problems. One of the problems is that he starts living outside and gets into a fight with a tough neighbor cat named Old Taylor. It’s really kind of a horrifying chapter, but the main thing Dante seemed to take away from it was how powerful Old Taylor was. One of his pretending patterns for a while was to have me be Socks while he was Old Taylor, in line with the pretending power dynamics I mentioned here. He wouldn’t beat me up in these games, but he would make the point to me that he was bigger and stronger.

Anyway, that experience clearly informed the following story, entitled “Old Taylor”.

Old Taylor



ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. Old Taylor + Socks had a fight.


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  1. I’m a little behind on my blog reading,

    but that last story made me laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaugh!

    Your sister Jenny

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