I wrote recently about how Dante is way into money these days — not to spend, just to look at. Now that’s led to the natural corollary: earning money. He’s very interested in building his coin and bill collection, faster than gifts will allow. That dovetails nicely with our desire to give him some more responsibilities around the house, so we decided that we’d make a chore chart for him and pay him a little nominal allowance for getting his chores done.

Then another parent pointed us toward a web site called And that, my friends, is where the magic happens. Myjobchart is a very cool little site which allows parents to set up jobs for kids. Each job has a point value, and the points can be accumulated to earn rewards, be placed into savings, or give money to charity. They suggest giving the points a cash value of 1 penny each, but it’s all adjustable. When kids finish their chores, they can log into the site to check the chores off their list, which automatically grants the points. Once they decide to cash in on some of their points, it’s up to the parents to deliver.

Dante LOVES No, let me be more accurate: Dante is IN LOVE WITH To get him started, we set him up with some chores that he was doing anyway: brushing his teeth (5 points), doing his homework (10 points), clearing the dinner table (15 points). We added some coin-oriented rewards for him as well, as well as a $20 bill. (At 2000 points, it’s quite a ways away. He is utterly tickled by the fact that he can “buy” money.)

He’s been at it for about 6 weeks now, and this week, he earned his first reward: a World Coin Grab Bag. He could not be more delighted with himself, and with his reward. He went to school the next day and was stopping random strangers to tell them about it. He’s already been such a proponent for the web site that several of his classmates have jumped on the bandwagon as well.

Homework is going away as the school year ends, so today we set him up with a new job: making his bed, which also involves neatening up all the elements of his room that get of place when we tuck him in. This is a great step, because it’s a chore he wasn’t already doing. In time, we plan to help him add responsibilities, and move some of the ones for which he’s currently getting rewarded into baseline expectations. The site is quite flexible, and I think it’ll be pretty easy to adjust the jobs so that they grow with him. Come to think of it, I’m a pretty big proponent of myjobchart myself, aren’t I? 🙂

Dante’s been writing “stories” in his kindergarten class this year. These are incredibly fun for us to read — I’ll share some soon. Meanwhile, here’s a story he wrote about his new favorite web site:

I think is weird. On it you can save money to buy money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Garrett closes out. [His friend Garrett was using it for a while, but decided to stop for whatever reason.]

I got the world coin grab bag.


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