Ground Control to Major Dante

A funny thing happened on the way to the low-budget astronaut costume. Halloween Costume Anxiety started to creep in. I’ve had Christmas Present Anxiety before, where I feel like I’ve bought plenty of presents, but as the day approaches, I get more and more panicked and end up buying more to feel like it’s enough. In previous years, Dante’s costume has been either unimportant or self-contained, but this is his first year in school, where there’s a Halloween parade and a Halloween party, and I was starting to feel like the “let’s stick computer-printed Avery labels with NASA images onto a grey shirt and sweats” plan was kind of… lame.

I infected Laura with my anxiety, and she’d heard a rumor of a $22 astronaut jumpsuit at Costco, so she checked that out on Thursday. No luck. But! She went to a nearby toy store and found these nifty astronaut gloves. There was also a $50 jumpsuit, so we decided it’d be a good compromise to do the helmet and the gloves, but skip the jumpsuit and stick with the grey clothes. I picked up the gloves over lunchtime, and our costume was set.

Until! She did an errand with Dante later that day at Walmart, and found that they had a huge Halloween costume selection, including a $14 astronaut jumpsuit! We’re not normally big Walmart shoppers, which is perhaps why we didn’t consider this option until the night before the school Halloween parade. Because Dante was with her, she chose not to paw through the racks of costumes looking for his size, since if she came up empty it would be a big disappointment. So I went out that night seeking the right size, and succeeded!

So we ended up with the full astronaut enchilada: helmet, gloves, and jumpsuit! Seeing him in the costume’s full glory made it well worth the expense and trouble. He’s an awesome astronaut now!


7 thoughts on “Ground Control to Major Dante

  1. Dante Astronaut

    Fantastic!!! Since he is so interested in Planets and Space, it is money well spent. He looks great. Good job Paul and Laura!

  2. Love it, Love it, Love it…
    This could not be more perfect and he looks
    like he is loving it too. Good shopping Mom and Dad!
    Aunt Ellen

  3. hallowneen

    Great Job! Paul and Laura… Dante looks like he is having a great time….I love halloween… Karen Halicki

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