The Dante Show: One Small Step For A Boy

This year for Halloween, Dante told us that he’d like to be an astronaut. I was unsurprised by this, and also pleased. Not being much for making costumes by hand, I thought, “An astronaut! That’s so standard! I bet I can buy an astronaut costume with no problem!”

This did not turn out to be the case. Apparently “astronaut” hasn’t been a standard kid costume choice for a while. The closest I came at any Halloween store was Buzz Lightyear. Since Dante hasn’t seen any of the Toy Story movies, we thought that would probably set him up to be asked a bunch of questions he couldn’t answer. So onto the net I ventured, and found good news and bad news. The good was that yes, there are plenty of astronaut costume options available! The bad news is that they are freakin’ expensive! There are $20 gloves, a $20 hat, a $40 flight suit, a $40 helmet, etc.

What we decided was that if we’re gong to spend, we’d like it to be on something that he gets some continued use out of. The helmet seemed like the most likely candidate for something that could be part of his play way past Halloween, so that’s what we ordered. We found one with some nifty features — a little pre-recorded countdown and blastoff clip, and a “power visor” (basically a spring-loaded visor which releases via a button on the side.)

It arrived yesterday, and we gave it to him last night. He loved it. I’m so pleased. We found immediately that the helmet is big. It looks like it’s swallowing his head and most of his shoulders. We may place a little more padding in there, but for right now he likes it just the way it is. We’ll combine it with one of his astronaut t-shirts, some grey sweat pants, a backpack, and some homemade patches and logos. Not exactly a world-class astronaut costume, but I think he’ll enjoy it anyway.


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