Dante in facebook status updates

Sorry for my ongoing lameness in updating this blog. Life is starting to get back in control work-wise, but now we’re looking for houses. But on the plus side, WE’RE LOOKING FOR HOUSES!!

Anyway, I have from time to time over the past few months been able to post little Dante snippets to Facebook. I present them here for the non-Facebooky, sometimes with selected comments from the comment thread if they happen to enhance the story.

November 17: Dante (4yo) has some sweet-tart-ish candy — pink, green, and white. DANTE: “Would you like to know about the flavors? There’s strawberry… greenberry, and… plain.” ME: “Which one is your favorite?” DANTE: “All of them.”

December 26: Dante (4yo) tonight, out of nowhere: “Gulp! TYLENOL! Glug glug glug!” I ask him what he’s talking about, and he says, “I was making a reference to the song.” Then I listen, and realize that we’re hearing “Fever” by Peggy Lee.

January 5: Dante (4yo) last night, singing along to The Supremes: “You just beep! beep! hangin’ on.”

February 18: Before I became a parent, I had no idea that love could feel so *fierce*.

February 22: I’m wearing a Heart tour t-shirt which reads “Jupiter’s Darling.” Dante looks at this and says,”Jupiter’s Darling. Is that Ganymede?”

Selected comments:

[Jan Fall] 🙂 How’s that going?? Did you ever find a “place” for him??
[Paul O’Brian] Yeah, there’s a charter we really like. However, it’s a lottery to get in. Our fingers and toes are crossed.
[Jan Fall] Cheese… lottery. Hmmm. I need to open a school. SO MUCH NEED!!! I’ll cross mine too.
[Paul O’Brian] This is it: http://www.stargateschool.org/. We’re applying for kindergarten in the fall. 75 slots open and reportedly 200-300 applicants! Yow.

I am not really a believer in “The Secret” or what have you, though I do appreciate this Mo Rocca joke about it: “How to make Oprah’s ‘The Secret’ into a verb? ‘I’m secreting a trip to Hawaii’ sounds nasty…”

Anyway, despite not being a believer, I am totally secreting Dante into Stargate. 🙂

[Adam Cadre] What is that school going to teach him about Olympian pederasty that he doesn’t already know?
[Jennifer Nelson] Do they have the members of SG-1 as teachers?
[Paul O’Brian] Adam: Ha! My hope, and I imagine the state of Colorado’s hope as well, is: NOTHING WHATSOEVER.

Jenny: If they do, would you like to apply for a spot in the incoming class?

[Jennifer Nelson] I do have a little crush on Daniel Jackson. Just one of my many sci-fi crushes. I doubt I could beat the likes of Dante for a slot, though.

April 8: Dante didn’t get into Stargate School. He’s qualified, but didn’t get picked in the lottery. OUCH. What a heartbreaker.

Selected comments:

[Lori Kohl] Starting kinder?
[Jan Fall] Oh crap. What’s the next option?
[Paul O’Brian] Lori: Yes.

Jan: The next option, he already lost out on the lottery for. There’s a possibility of a GT program at a different school, but I was *really* turned off by the presentation — seems very aggressive, militant, fear-driven. “WE WILL PUSH YOUR KIDS TO THEIR ABSOLUTE LIMITS!!!” Thumbs down. But right now it’s between that & neighborhood school. There is one other possibility — a STEM school starting up in the Fall. We have some red flags about that, but would seriously consider it it we got in (which also seems unlikely.) Ugh. I really hate this. We’re on waiting lists for our first two choices, so all hope is not lost, but we are feeling pretty bummed right now.

[Anne Portice] We are sorry to hear this. I hope you find a great option for him. Most “regular” schools will have a hard time meeting his amazing abilities. We’ll keep hoping.
[Carol Achatz] If you are willing to consider Boulder – Bixby was a great choice for our kids.
[Paul O’Brian] Anne: Thanks.

Carol: It’s more a question of private vs. public than location. It’s not killer tuition for a private school, but I’m not sure where that extra $10K-$13K/year would come from.

[Carol Achatz] yes – i was thinking Stargate was private. It’s definitely a financial commitment. I do remember the angst about school choice and needing to feel in the right space. Just remember that school is only part of the equation …. somehow I think that Dante has a pretty rich home life and will thrive!
[Paul O’Brian] Thank you for that.

April 16: Dante: “In a basketball game, you never know who’s going to win! Like, the… Hockeys might play against the Cardinals. Those are basketball teams.”

Selected comments:

[Adam Cadre] http://statsheet.com/mcb/games/h2h/louisville_vs_virginia-tech
[Paul O’Brian] Adam: !!!

I, uh. Wow. But they haven’t played each other since 1995, right? They weren’t in the tournament this year or anything? Because if they were, knowing D’s memory, it would not shock me if he was recalling it. But if not, I’m back to my “random free association” theory.

Still, wow.

[Adam Cadre] Well, he might have seen clips of the two teams and conjectured that they could play each other.
[Paul O’Brian] That is quite plausible.

April 20: Stargate just called. Dante is IN! WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!

Selected comments: Much rejoicing

May 1: Dante, upon seeing the Safeway slogan “Ingredients For Life”: “Those aren’t the ingredients for life! The ingredients for life are carbon, water, and energy!”

Selected comments:

[Bertie O’Brian] I thought the ingredients for life were liquor, chocolate and Sex!
[Paul O’Brian] Mom: Yes, but let’s hold off on teaching him that for a few more years. 🙂

May 17: Dante: “Very hard question: How could toy robots survive a poisonous explosion?”

Selected comments:

[Jennifer Nelson] And what was your answer?
[Marnie Parker] Poison wouldn’t affect robots. If they were close to the explosion the blast might.
[Leonard Fahrni] In a way, the question implies that toy robots are a life form.
[Marnie Parker] @Leo, true, but @Paul, what kind of poison? Robots don’t breathe…
[Jennifer Nelson] Cylons do.
[Leonard Fahrni] Wow, this IS a very hard question!
[Jennifer Nelson] Tell Dante we need more information.
[Paul O’Brian] My answer was close to Marnie’s. They wouldn’t need to worry about poison, but would need to be made of a strong enough material to withstand the explosion.

It was like pulling teeth, but I finally got him to explain the origin of the question: the librarian at school read them a book called Robot Zot (http://www.amazon.com/Robot-Zot-Jon-Scieszka/dp/1416963944) in which a toy robot demolishes a TV, causing a poisonous explosion. (The poison being the mercury in the TV.)

2 thoughts on “Dante in facebook status updates

  1. We are so happy that Dante was accepted into Stargate! He will simply dazzle and amaze them as he does all of us! We have immense joy in our hearts for all of you… now go find that new house and make us even happier!
    Love, Uncle Doug and Aunt Cindy

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