12 Questions

* What’s half of 50?

* In this universe, do you know what’s always hot? Blue stars!

* Do you know what the answer was when I said, “What dogs do you cook on the stove?” Hot dogs!

* How does the food coming up work?
[This was after a recent experience with vomiting. –Paul]

* What’s in your nose?
[He had the sniffles, and was wondering if I did too. After a close visual inspection, he decided that I did not. –P]

* How did you make a Mochigames account?
[He recently went through an obsession with Bloons Tower Defense 4. In order to save progress, we had to create an account with Mochigames. –P]

* So… what’s fine motor and what’s gross motor?

* Why is Olympus Mons like [makes a big hand gesture indicating rise and fall, with accompanying sound effects], and Mount Everest is like [smaller gesture, smaller sounds]?

* What’s a power chord?

* Do you know what’s smaller than Pluto? Xena!

* Do you know how Xena is spelled? X-E-N-A!

* What do you get when you add 90 plus 90?

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