Really big show

Work is ridiculous as usual. Also, it’s snowing here. And Dante is sick today.

But on the bright side, he wasn’t sick yesterday, and I took the afternoon off to take him to the Nature+Science museum, as a potty training reward. It was lovely to be there with him. Also, we saw a planetarium show on the Solar System, which is his first ever movie-ish experience.

He hung with it for about 3 minutes (of a 22-minute show), then got pretty overwhelmed with the sensory experience. I had prepped him beforehand because I thought that might be a possibility. So I held him while he covered his ears & tucked his head into my chest. Then, about 17 minutes in, he started looking at the screen again, and was looking pretty steadily by the time the show ended. As we were leaving, he said, “When can we see that show again?” šŸ™‚

I wasn’t sure if I was being a good dad or a bad dad when I kept him in there, but it turns out that sometimes pushing him past his comfort zone helps him overcome some of his anxiety.


One thought on “Really big show

  1. I think that was great. He had you to comfort him and he slowly adapted to the sound somewhat, because he was interested in the content. Good job Daddy!

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