Christmas wrap-up

Time for some better-late-than-never December pictures! Click the pics for bigger versions.

We made some Christmas gingerbread cookies, with both the traditional humanoid cookie cutter and dinosaur-shaped ones:

Examining the cutter

Pressing the cutter

Sprinkling the sugar

We celebrate both Solstice and Christmas — Solstice being more Laura’s holiday and Christmas (albeit a completely secularized version) being mine. So Dante got his solstice presents first. Laura’s Solstice celebrations are about trees, light, and love, so he got a small lit tree (which I didn’t photograph) as well as a TOTALLY HUGE TREE TENT!

Here’s him emerging from it…

…and hanging out inside it.

She also made him a list of 21 things she’s appreciating about him right now.

That is his standard reading pose — one of my very favorite poses of his. I love that picture.

Finally, the Christmas loot! We do our Christmas split in two — we have Christmas morning at our house, then travel down to my parents’ place, about 45 minutes away. Once we were there, we abandoned the camera effort, so all these pictures are from our Christmas morning. It was really fun to watch him open all his stuff. One thing I really appreciate about him is that when he opens something, he generally wants to enjoy it for a little while before moving on to the next thing, so these pictures were spaced farther apart in time than this presentation might imply.

A dog-themed quilt from our friends Sian & Kelly

A Zoob mobile kit from my friend Tashi — perfect gift for Dante.

A play ATM, for his banking proclivities

Play bricks — he said he wanted “a toy to demolish”

A book of fairy tales

And the star of the show, a marble racer! As a bonus, it happened to be available in his three favorite colors: red, pink, and purple.

A lovely time was had by all!


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