Christmas time is here

Apologies for my frequent non-posting. Work is very difficult, and then there’s the usual hurricane weather. Anyway…

Dante is in a SUPER cute phase right now, especially about all the Christmas stuff. He keeps wanting me to sing “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer”, and when I do, he grabs antlers and a nose and puts them on. He’s got two different advent calendars (one from my mom, one from our friends Sian & Kelly) and opens one after lunch and one after dinner. Today he’s watched the Thomas Christmas DVD a number of times — he especially digs the story where Percy gets a bunch of icicles hanging off of him and is mistaken for Jack Frost. (“What is Jack Frost?” he has asked me about 463 times.)

He’s still very much in the guessing game habit, where he’ll think of something and give you clues that are supposed to help you figure out what it is. Here was one from today:

DANTE: (from out of nowhere, or so it appeared to me) Slide slide slide! Drop drop drop! Leave leave leave!
ME: Wha– huh?
DANTE: (Grinning, repeats it exactly) Slide slide slide! Drop drop drop! Leave leave leave!
ME: What do those sounds mean?
DANTE: It’s something that happens at the end of the year, in the winter.
ME: Is it snow and ice?
DANTE: No. The things get dropped under the tree.
ME: Oh! Is it Santa?
DANTE: Yeah.

He hasn’t quite got the quiz show demeanor down, so he doesn’t give me a big “Yeah!” at the end. It’s much more casual, the same way he would answer, say, “Did you clean up the toys?”

One of his other things right now is asking questions based on wacky inferences he draws from what he reads. For example:

DANTE: Can adults see better than other people?
ME: Well, some people can see better than others, but it’s not really to do with whether they’re adults or not.
DANTE: Do I need to have an adult who can see really well when I play with this toy?
ME: Huh?
DANTE: This says “Adult supervision required.”


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