Cuteness capsules

He’s got these foam letters and numbers that he plays with in the bath. Tonight, he held up a number 8:

PAUL: Eight!
DANTE: How do you spell ate like food?
PAUL: Good question! Let me show you. [Picking letters out of the water and affixing them to the tile wall] It’s spelled A-T-E.
DANTE: [Holding up the foam 8] This is an abbreviation.
PAUL: Yes, hilariously enough, people actually do use it as an abbreviation for the eating kind.
DANTE: [Puts the 8 after the ATE.] Ate 8!

He’s periodically making up words these days. The finer teeth of a comb, according to him, are called “fleckletines.” Which, I have to say, is an excellent name for them.

He was in a little play at preschool recently, where he played the smallest billy goat gruff. According to his teachers, his part was to stand on a table (aka bridge) and do a little dance. Which he did. Then, when the troll under the bridge threatened to eat him, he said (completely unprompted), “You don’t want just a little snack!”


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