Who will buy?

Lately, Dante will gather a bunch of similar items together, like clocks. (He asks me to take clocks down from shelves and off of walls for this purpose.) He arranges them to his satisfaction, then finds me or Laura. “I have a clock store!” he says, gesturing expansively to his inventory. “Which one of these would you like to buy?”

I’m a very interested customer. I ask if he’s got a small one, or a blue one, or one with dots instead of numbers, or what have you. Sometimes if I seem to be having trouble deciding, he’ll hit me with a sales pitch. “Did you know this one folds up? You could take it in a suitcase!”

My favorite part is that whenever I ask him the price, the answer is always the same: “One dollar!” It’s really quite a bargain. Even more so considering he does not fully grasp the concept of money in exchange for goods, so more than half the time he pretends to give me the money along with the merchandise.

He’s given me great deals on clocks, pan lids, and small glass beads. (On these last, by the way, it definitely pays to buy in bulk, since the price stays fixed no matter how many you’re buying.) The only problem is that he can be kind of a high pressure sales guy. As soon as I’ve bought one clock, he says, “Now which one would you like to buy?” Still, you can’t beat that price.


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