Let me tell ya about my new thing. It is Peggle! It is a game you play on the computer with a mouse. You click the mouse and a ball comes out, and it bounces around on a bunch of pegs. Then the pegs light up! And they disappear after lighting up. You have to get all the orange pegs to disappear, and when you do, it gets really exciting! It says EXTREME FEVER! And there are fireworks, and stars, and the ball turns into a comet! And lots of numbers flash!

There is also a bucket, and when the ball drops into the bucket, you get a FREE BALL! Oh, and sometimes there’s a bounce and then it goes into the bucket, and that is a LUCKY BOUNCE! It is really funny. Other little words show up sometimes too, like if you get a lot of orange at once it is called an ORANGE ATTACK! Oh, oh, and sometimes you miss the pegs and miss the bucket and that is called a TOTAL MISS! HA! Then a coin goes flip-flip-flip-flip-flip and you either get NO BALL or a FREE BALL! I crack up when that coin starts flipping.

Oh, oh, oh, and wait! There are also MAGIC POWERS! They are like you can get MULTIBALL, which is like BWANG! Or SUPER GUIDE, which gives you the best idea of where the ball can go next, and there’s a MAGIC LINE that you watch. Oh, and there’s one that turns the BUCKET into a PYRAMID. I call it a PYRAM because that’s a nickname I made up. You get the magic powers from green ones.

Mommy and Daddy put limits on the Peggle game, and I am okay with that, but I sure do love playing it when I get to play!


2 thoughts on “Peggle!

    • I only know three characters, because I am waiting for Daddy to pay money to unlock the rest. I like the unicorn because he gives me the best ideas for where to go next, and I like the cat because I like cats and I like the pyram song. Oh, and I like PYRAMID POWER and FREE BALL because the words go in opposite directions.

      The one that makes me laugh the most is the gopher because MULTIBALL! And then sometimes FREE BALL FRENZY!

      When I see the characters I like to tell Daddy to be them. “You are the gopher!” I say. Then he talks like the gopher and says stuff like, “Radically amazing, dude!” It is funny.

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