Dante vs. Facebook

Tonight I was looking at Facebook on the laptop, and Dante crawled up next to me in a playful mood. “Is that a picture of you?” he asked incredulously. (He’s been practicing his incredulous voice, and pretty much has it nailed at this point.) So I explained that yeah, this is a thing called Facebook where I can put my picture and my friends can put their pictures, and little messages that help me keep in touch with them.

Instantly, he was in major distress, choking back sobs. “But… I don’t want… I don’t want you to have friends on there and keep up with them.” He whispered the last part, he was so overcome.

“Why not, honey?” I asked.

“Because,” he whispered, “…because I want you to be my friend.”

I hugged him and reassured him immediately that of course I’m his friend, that I’m his friend first, that I’ll always be his friend, that having other friends would never stop me from being his friend, and anything else I could think of to calm him down. The words just spilled out of me.

Then he said, brightly, “I want to do Notepad!” Back to normal, just like that. Man, the raw emotion that kids are capable of just knocks me over sometimes.


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