Get chocolate square!

Grandma gave us a special calendar called an advent calendar. It has chocolate squares! I always say, “Get chocolate square!” You get to have one chocolate square each day. I eat it.

We started doing the calendar on the 1 of December. When we started doing it I would say, “Get chocolate square!” lots and lots and lots of times each day. Every time I thought of it I would say it. Which was every few minutes.

Then Daddy made a rule. He said, you get to have the chocolate square when I am home and the sun is down. So now, when he comes home from work, lots of times the first thing I say is, “Get chocolate square!” And then we do!

On days like today, though, it is more confusing. He is home all day, and I keep noticing he is home, and I say, “Get chocolate square!” before even thinking about it. Then somebody reminds me it is not dark yet. Oh yeah. Mommy and Daddy say the days are short during the winter, but today did not feel short to me.

Anyway, when we finally do it, I search for the number that is today. Like today I looked for the 14. Then I open the door that that number is on. You know what is behind it?

A chocolate square!

Also, behind the square is a picture of something Christmasy, like a tree, or a snowman, or an ornament, and the chocolate is made to look like that thing. Tonight it was a church. Then I eat the chocolate square!

Tonight, after I ate it, I gave Mommy and Daddy chocolatey kisses. They seemed to like that.


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