Tonight, Dante was playing Notepad on the laptop while I did some dishes in the other room. Generally, the Notepad game these days involves holding down a key, then hitting enter to see the letters fly up into the air. Backspacing over them is also popular, as is exploring the effects of the Shift key. Anyway, he played for about five minutes, and then I heard him saying, “I don’t know where the G is.” So I headed back in, and here’s what I saw on the screen:


He said: “I want to type I LOVE MY PIGLET COSTUME but I don’t know where the G is.”

I swear I just about burst into tears right there. I mean, okay, it’s all run together, and there’s some static, and he misspelled “my”, but still, he’s typing? He’s typing??!!??

It was unbelievable. Of course, after finding the G he typed an L which he held down too long, and then held down Backspace and got rid of the whole thing. Then he lost interest. But my feeling of amazement was slower to fade.


3 thoughts on “OHWOW

  1. Pretty soon, you’ll be out of a job. He’ll be doing his own blog entries, for real. I always thought he would be a teenager before he got mad or embarrassed about some of what you’ve written. But who knows? Could be in a couple weeks!

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