Or Piglet!

For the last several days, Dante has been announcing, “I am pretending to be Piglet!” He tells Laura that she is pretending to be Pooh, and I’m pretending to be Eeyore.

Cute, right? Except that now every single time either of us refers to him, ourselves, or each other by our actual names, we get hastily corrected. Like this:

ME: Dante, what would you like to do?
DANTE: No, Piglet!

After about ten minutes of this, we explained that it is more polite to say “Or Piglet” than “No! Piglet!”, so that’s what he’s switched to. Still, it can get comical, such as today when I was trying to sing him a lullaby:

ME: Hush little baby, don’t say —
DANTE: Or Piglet!
ME: Okay. Hush little Piglet, don’t say a word. Daddy’s gonna —
DANTE: Or Eeyore!
ME: [sigh] Okay then. Let me start over. Hush little Piglet, don’t say a word. Eeyore’s gonna buy you a mockingbird…

He is quite vigilant in protecting the game. It has made me even more aware that when he is misbehaving, my response almost always begins, “Dante!” Then when I respond that way, he is immediately right there with “Or Piglet!”, which sometimes makes me laugh, and sometimes has the opposite effect. “Whoever!” I found myself replying last night. “You’re both annoying me!”

He and Laura (or Pooh!) were shopping today for Halloween costumes, and totally unsurprisingly, he decided he wants to be Piglet. So the first bits of the costume were purchased, and he insisted on putting on the pink shirt and tights the instant he got home. When he put them on, he got so happy. “Finally I have some pink costume!” he said.


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