Home Sweet Homophone

Every so often, Dante does something that just completely knocks me over. One of these happened on Wednesday night. I was giving him a bath, and he had a big mug in there. He was scooping the water into the mug, then pouring it out. After a few of these, he says to me, “I don’t know what’s different between P-O-U-R and P-O-O-R.”

Now, I’m not around other kids much at all, so I really don’t have a good handle on what happens at what age, but this struck me as a freakily sophisticated question for a three-year-old to be asking. I mean, it’s not as if the words were in front of him. He was holding the letter combinations in his mind, comparing them, and recognizing that they sounded the same, but were spelled differently and meant different things.

So I explained to him that sometimes there are these kinds of words, and told him what each one meant. Then he repeated it back to me, and went on to something else, while I internally shook my head in amazement.


3 thoughts on “Home Sweet Homophone

  1. Well, most kids who are 3 don’t know how to read or spell, never mind wondering about homophones. I’m thinking you should get him into a foreign language, a good hard one, so he can start wondering about cases and moods and grammatical gender. Then we will have even more to talk about next time I visit. Me and Dante, I mean. But seriously, if he is interested, you can use this to teach him about the origins of words, and the reasons why they sound the same but mean different things and are spelled differently. He is after my heart!

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