Up in the mornin’ and out to school

Dante started preschool today. There are a million things to say about this, but let me start with the rough equivalent of about 4,000 words or so:

We took Dante to visit the school building a few days beforehand:

We also were blessed from the heavens by a friend who gave us a brand new Thomas backpack, which Dante totally loved:

So today, one of the things he was most excited about was wearing that backpack:

All the kids had nametag stickers to wear, but Dante kept looking down and pulling his off. I slipped it back onto his shirt front without him noticing before the class began, but when we picked him up, I discovered that his teachers had devised a much cleverer solution:

We didn’t take pictures during the actual event today, as we’re trying to remain casual and not make a big deal out of school in front of him. Plus, there were enough logistics to manage already.

He’s going to be going 4 days a week for 2.5 hours a day, and I think it’ll be really good for him and good for Laura too. Right now, we’re all feeling the anxiety of transition, but I thought all of us held our emotions together pretty well. 🙂 He didn’t melt down when we left, though I’m not certain he fully understood that we were leaving until we were most of the way out the door. We also did not melt down after leaving him, though it was a near thing for a while there.

He was pretty puffy-faced when we came to pick him up, but according to his teachers he did pretty well for most of the time. We love the place where he’s going, an excellent public school program with a 4:1 kid-to-teacher ratio. (We checked out several other places, and nobody else’s ratio even comes close.) The teachers there are great and I think they’ll be able to be really attentive to his needs.

I expected this day to be emotional, and it was. Not so much in the “Our little boy’s growing up!” kind of way (though Laura certainly had some of that) — more just that I feel like we know and understand him so well, and are so attuned to taking care of him. Now we’re sending him out there to people who can’t have such a thorough understanding, and who can’t be so closely attuned. I just want him to be okay!

Well: so far, so good.


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