A cuteness update

Allow me to rattle off some of the recent cutenesses:

  • He usually speaks quite precisely, but persistently pronounces “accent” as “accident.” Example: “She is talking with a Southern accident!”
  • He has started making an “effort noise” when doing something difficult. It sounds like this: “Ulla. Ulla. Ulla.”
  • The USA map has resulted in a persistent interest in states, the most recent outgrowth of which is that he likes to assign state names to various parts of the house. Currently, his room is Montana, the upstairs hallway is Utah, and our bedroom is Arkansas.
  • He’s got a new formulation: “I like the [insert random observation here.]” Examples: “I like the way the carpet feels.” “I like the KA-CHUNK sound.” “I like the curve of the track.”
  • What track, you ask? His grandmabertie recently came over with a train track upon which his various Thomas engines can travel. He’s got a variety of different wooden trains, but up until now he’s just driven them on the floor, the table, and on little tracks we draw for him. The tracks are a HUGE hit. He wakes up thinking about them, and plays with them all day. He likes to rearrange them into new configurations, which makes me happy.
  • He’s got another new formulation: “I don’t know [fill in the question.]” Examples: “I don’t know where the food goes after the mouth.” “I don’t know what ‘disappear’ means.” “I don’t know where Mama is.”
  • He has parlayed this speech mannerism into a surprisingly successful social gambit when meeting a stranger: “I don’t know your name.”
  • His memory and mimicry are alive and well. Tonight, after I gave him the answer to the first “I don’t know” example above, he said: “The food goes into my throat and down a little tube called my esophagus, and then the stomach works it works it works it into little bits and it goes SHOOM! all over my body. And then the rest goes through my intestines and comes out my bottom!” He looked as pleased with this recitation as if he had invented the whole system himself.
  • He is way into running back and forth between his bedroom and our bedroom, jumping on our bed, and WHUMPing his legs. This means piking them up in the air and slamming them down on the bed. Repeatedly. When he can, he gets me to join him. He says, “We RUN from Montana INTO Arkansas and WHUMP on the bed!”
  • One more new formulation I heard tonight: “I am really into this pizza!”

One thought on “A cuteness update

  1. So glad he got into a good school. This socializing is going to be so helpful for him ! Hang in there Mom and Dad. It will get better.
    Love, Grandmabertie

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