The Dante Show: Get Out The Map

For his third birthday, Dante received a puzzle map of the USA, with one piece per state (except for some of the smaller northeastern states, which group together on a few pieces.) I got some video of the second time he’d put it together. Sorry for the shaky-cam bits. This video was long enough that it needed to be split up into two parts:

Part 1

Part 2

Tallahassee is a very long word!

Watching him put this map together made me realize that the states and their capitals are just brimming with unintuitive pronunciations. Really, take a look:

Des Moines
Baton Rouge

Yet the ones that give him trouble are “Florida” and “Augusta.” Go figure.

One thought on “The Dante Show: Get Out The Map

  1. that’s entertainment

    This was so much fun to watch. I’m impressed both with his reading skills and his ability to line up the states where they belong, since there is no raised outline to slip the pieces into. I also enjoyed him saying, “I don’t know where XXX goes,” as he puts it in place. Hee hee!

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