How I’m Feeling

Okay, remember when I said that Dante was recognizing words, but not actually reading?

Well, he’s reading now.

Now, I feel certain that he is not actually comprehending all of what he’s reading. But he’s sounding out words in his head and then saying them out loud, often quite quickly. For instance: he sometimes likes to sit at my computer and type things into Notepad. Lately, he’s discovered that there are some keys on the keyboard that can make other exciting things come up, like the Windows key. He brings up the Start menu, then hits Esc and says, “Escape!”

So a few nights ago, he’s managed to open the Control Panel. I’m watching him carefully to make sure he doesn’t hack into my registry or something. Instead, he starts rattling off words. “Power options,” he says. “Mouse.” “Display.” “Faxes.” “Witherless” (“Wireless,” I explain.)

I’d like to point out here that this kid is NOT EVEN THREE YEARS OLD.

Then he asks for Google, and says, “Google. Maps. News. Shopping. Gamel.” (“G-mail,” I say for that last one, in between bouts of laughter and praise.)

Then, to top it all off, he says, “I’m Feeling Lucky!”

I think to myself: Me too.


7 thoughts on “How I’m Feeling

  1. Wow, that’s awesome. I’ve got a six-year-old who’s being stubborn as anything in trying to read. She can if she puts her mind to it, but “it’s too much *work* daddy”.

    You got really lucky with such an early reader. Let me know when he starts a blog!

    • Yeah, the reading thing is astonishing me. There is a flip side, though: his social skills are pretty underdeveloped, and he’s pronating enough that I think he’s going to need to walk with a brace for a while so as not to permanently damage his knees and hips. As it is, he’s nowhere close to running and jumping the way other kids his age can.

  2. We are so proud of all three of you… Paul and Laura for providing such a nurturing and enriching environment, and Dante for using that marvelous brain so well! He’s doing what just comes naturally and experiencing every single thing he sees and hears! Way to go O’Brian-Wilsons… you are keen to the extreme! Smiles and hugs to all from Uncle Doug and Aunt Cindy

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