I Spy

Dante has gotten in the habit of pointing at anything he’s not familiar with and saying, “That is something.” I’m working on retraining him to ask, “What is that?” This quality of his came out hilariously yesterday.

So he and I are looking out the window last night, and I start to play the “I Spy” game with him, though not using that particular phrase. I would say “I see something that starts with an ‘S'” and he would try to guess what it is. Then he’d take a turn. We’ve done this once before, with items in the living room. There’s not quite as much variety looking out our window, though.

So I said “S” for sky.

Then he took a turn, and said “C” for cars.

Then I said “T” for tree.

Then he said “B” for bushes.

Then I said “D” for doors.

Then he said “S”. I guessed the sidewalk — he said no. I guessed stones — he said no. I made sure it wasn’t the sky again — he said it wasn’t. I said, “Saturn?” thinking there was an outside chance he’d read or remembered the make of my car — he said no.

Finally, I said, “I give up. What is it?”

He said, “Something.” Then a neighbor drove up and got out of his car. Dante pointed and said, “And someone!”

I said, “You win the game.”


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