Conversation is the name of the game

Laura has been working with Dante on some of his “social aversion” things. When people say hi to him out in public, he generally says something like, “You don’t want her talk to you!” (Frankly, I can hardly blame him — I usually feel the same way when strangers talk to me in public.) So she’s been telling him that it’s okay if he doesn’t talk to people, but she doesn’t want him to say the “you don’t want” thing.

Well, she just started telling him this a few days ago, and she’s recently observed a new phenomenon: he has begun starting conversations with strangers! Three times now, according to her, he has addressed a stranger by saying, “Your name is Dante.” Which I think is awesome, and also fairly hilarious. It reminds me of when we were in Mexico and Laura kept saying to people (in Spanish), “I’m sorry, you don’t speak Spanish.” Anyway, he actually had a conversation with one woman, who followed up his introduction by asking him how old he was. He said, “Right now, you are two and a half.”


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