A new place to eat

You have been getting very tired of your highchair. It is too small, and it is too tight, and you don’t like the way the tray won’t move. It pushes your stomach. You have been complaining about it more and more. Finally, this week, you decided to just refuse. You said, “you don’t want to sit in the chair!” And when Mama asked if you were ready for lunch, you just kept saying no.

Then: Mama had an amazing idea! She moved your highchair, and then she got a table and a chair, cleaned them off, and put them where the highchair used to be. This table and chair are totally cool — they are just your size. You sat down in the chair, and Mama put some food on the table, and you were so excited! You ate the food, and you kept saying, “You are eating at a table! You are sitting on a chair! You are like a grownup!”

Every so often, you would get up and do a little table-chair happy dance, where you would run around the table bouncing around with a big smile. You also decided: the blog people must see the awesome new table and chair!


2 thoughts on “A new place to eat

  1. The Chair

    On a highchair or at a table, you are the cutest boy ever…!
    Sian (all the way over here across the water…)

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