I’m wide awake… I’m not sleeping

Laura puts Dante down for a 30-minute “rest time” each day, and she takes the time to go rest! Then Dante rolls a saving throw against sleepiness, and if he wins, he babbles and chatters through the whole half hour. Sometimes he does this contentedly, sometimes less so. If he starts to get really stressed out, Laura goes in there and either gets him (if he’s been in there for over 30 minutes) or tells him he needs to keep resting… quietly. He can have a book and/or a car to amuse himself during this time.

Dante is very hip to the fact that his rest time is supposed to be 30 minutes, so in his Jedi mind tricks way he tries to alter reality by shouting “It’s 30 minutes!” when in fact it is anything but. Today he achieved a new level, as Laura walked in the room to address distressed cries:

LAURA: Honey, mama needs to keep resting. It’s not 30 minutes yet.
DANTE: It’s 29.

[It was actually more like seven.]


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