The new words

You have discovered a fun new thing to do: inventing words! It all started when one night you suddenly just started saying “Veebay!” You said it over and over again. “Veebay. Veebay. Veebay. Veebay!” Mommy and Daddy would say it too, though they never managed to have quite the right intonation and expression.

Since then, you have made up a wide variety of new words:

  • Virga (pronounced “VEER-ga”)
  • Geekay
  • Gurka
  • Vurka
  • Beebay

And so on.

New words are great because they are so fun to say, and they go along with almost any activity. Also, they let you be kind of mysterious, like this:

DANTE: [while walking or playing] Virga! Virga. Virga. Virga. Virga!
DADDY: Virga. What does that mean?
DANTE: Virga.
DADDY: Yes, I hear you, but what is virga?
DANTE: [sagely] Virga.


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