More Christmas fun

You want to talk about some more of the fun things that happened this Christmas-time. Also, this time, you have pictures!

On Christmas Eve, which is what we call the day before Christmas, you got to make some cookies. This was really cool. Here’s how it’s done. You open up a tube of cookie stuff called “dough”, and then you roll it with a rolling pin. (Well, mostly Mommy and Daddy do that, but you help.) Then, you get out a special cookie cutter that’s shaped like a star, and you press it down into the dough. That makes a star in the dough. Then Mommy or Daddy lifts the star up with a spatula and puts it on a cookie sheet. Then comes the best part: the decorating!

You get two different bottles of color to decorate with: a red one and a green one. Red and green are the Christmas colors.

Then you pour the color onto the cookie. There are different ways to do this, but the most fun way is to just turn the bottle upside-down and watch the color pour out until Daddy stops you.

Then Mommy or Daddy puts them in the oven (and you stand way back when it is open) to cook the cookies. (It is your belief that this is why they’re called cookies — because they get cooked.)

Then you get to eat one!

Also, you got a really fun Christmas present: a marble road! You have been really into roads lately — you often ask Mommy or Daddy to make a road for your cars (oh, you also got some traffic signs for your car roads!) You are also still way into marbles as usual, so a marble road is two awesome things together! Pretty much you need Daddy’s help to make a good marble road, but once one is made you get to drop marbles into it and watch them go. It is really really really great.

This is a picture of how you drop a marble into the road.

Then you can watch the marble go from any angle you want!

You hope everybody else had a really great Christmas or holiday or whatever they did this week!


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