The Christmas Thing

Hey blog —

Daddy has been writing for the last few times, and now it is your turn. You want to talk about the Christmas thing. You are enjoying it a lot. Here are some of the things you like the best:

  • The lights. You love looking at the lights on our tree, and outside on the bush in front of our house we have very pretty 1-5-0 lights. You call them 1-5-0 lights because there was a 150 on the box when Daddy got them. Also, the neighbors have very good lights too. Your favorites are these deer that have lights and move their heads.
  • Charlie Brown Christmas. You want to watch this almost every day. The kids dance, and Snoopy carries a big box, and his doghouse gets lots of lights on it! There are lots of trees with funny colors, and one little tiny green tree, and the needles fall down. The ornament is too heavy! And the tree goes bloop and leans down. Then the kids sing a little song. It is great!
  • The stories. Every night you and Mommy and Daddy read a Christmas book together. The best one is Sweet Smell of Christmas, but you need to make clear that you do not want to sniff the book! It is okay for Mommy and Daddy to sniff the book. Also, you like to scratch the book.
  • The ornaments. The ones you like to look at the most are these butterflies. There is a yellow one and a blue one and a lovely green one and an orange one, which is Grandma Bertie’s favorite because she loves orange.
  • The advent calendar! This is the very best thing of all. First, it is a nice picture. Second, it has a bunch of numbers, which are awesome. Third, it’s like a puzzle because you get to look for a new number every day. Sometimes you may need a hint. Then, when you find the number, you get to open a little tiny door and there is a picture behind the door. Then, at the end — get this! — there is a piece of chocolate behind the door! The chocolate also has a picture on it, which is cool, and those chocolates are so delicious! Wow, they are delicious.

Okay, those are some of the best things about Christmas. Happy holidays, blog!


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