Do the smoke detector

Dante has a little cold, but is being extremely cute right on through it. Tonight he re-told me the story of when I changed the battery in the smoke detector, and it went like this:

[Dante is lying in his crib and I’m singing him his final lullaby for the night. He is totally talking over my singing, and I’d occasionally interrupt to answer him.]

DANTE: The smoke alarm light is way up there.
PAUL: Yep, it’s up there.
DANTE: Daddy reached it with a ladder.
PAUL: That’s right, I did! I climbed a ladder to reach it.
DANTE: [stretching his arms towards the ceiling] You are pretending to reach it.
PAUL: Dante is pretending to reach it! That sounds fun.
DANTE: It made a loud beep and you didn’t like it.
PAUL: Oh yeah, I remember that.
DANTE: Then Daddy climbed up the ladder and fixed it.
PAUL: That’s right!
DANTE: Then Daddy had a beer.
PAUL: Uh, yep! Good memory!


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