More than a month!

Yeesh, it has been a while. Sorry about that. The Big Project is still ongoing at work, though I’m hopeful that it will launch next week. In any case, this Thanksgiving weekend is the first time in months that I’ve actually felt a sense of free time, so I’m taking a little bit of it to post here. I think/hope I’ll be able to post a little more regularly in the upcoming weeks.

Something cute that Dante started doing a couple of months ago is applying words and concepts I teach him to his own devious ends. For instance, he was in the habit for quite a while of calling all women “Mommies” and all men “Daddies.” So when he’d point at a man and say, “A daddy!”, I would reply, “Well, he might be a daddy. Or he might not. He’s a man.”

Some time later, Dante was rummaging through his collection of toy cars, and pulled out a little VW bug. “A Jeep!” he proclaimed proudly. “No,” I said, “That’s a kind of car called a VW bug.”

He held it a little closer to my face and said, “It might be a Jeep.”


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