The darnedest things

Dante’s speech has been really blossoming lately. He’s still not so strong with the you vs. me stuff, he still doesn’t say “yes”, and he still says “do you want” in place of “I want”, but all that aside, boy is he putting words together these days.

Yesterday had a great example of this, which requires a little setup. Laura is an inveterate hiker, and when she was buying some gear for herself she got Dante a Nalgene kids’ water bottle. Dante loves this water bottle. It’s one of the things we always have to remember to bring along in the diaper bag because he will invariably ask for it when we’re out. So Laura is shopping with him yesterday, and he asks for water, but dang it, the Nalgene is in the car. So she tells Dante that as a special treat, they can buy some bottled water to drink. She buys a little bottle of Dasani and gives it to him. He starts drinking it; he’s happy. That is, until he squeezes the bottle hard while drinking it, and the water squirts out all over his face, soaking him completely. This made him very unhappy.

Once Laura got him dried off and back to normal, he began talking through the experience to process it. (He does this a lot, which I love and hope is a lifelong habit.) “The water went BLOOP!” he’d say. “You got all wet! The water went doooown your face and onto your shirt and onto your pants!” This was repeated through most of the afternoon. Much later, after they were home, Dante comes out with this sentence: “I like my Nalgene better than the water bottle that went BLOOP on my face.” I thought this was a pretty amazing sentence for a 2-year-old, especially one that really only started talking about 7 months ago.

Also that day, he said to Laura, completely without anything obvious to trigger the subject, “The Muppets are funny!” I don’t think I’ve ever heard him describe anything that way before, at least not when he wasn’t repeating immediately after one of us saying it. The bonus for us is that it was a great reminder of a Simpsons scene we love, from the episode “Lisa’s First Word”:

BART (as a baby): Krusty funny!

He’s taken to aping our speech mannerisms quite a bit, which can be extremely funny and sometimes a wee bit unsettling. For instance:

DANTE: Do you want to go outside!
PAUL: Ummmm…
DANTE: (Before I’ve even finished making the sound) Ummmmmm….

In fact, sometimes he’ll just take up both parts of the conversation, and we won’t have to talk at all:

DANTE: Do you want to go up mountain and down mountain with mommy! Wellllll, mmmmmaybe Friday.


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