A bear and a hare have been to a fair

Hey everybody. I have been sick, but I am feeling a lot better, and I’ve been wanting to tell you about something from last weekend: Daddy and I went to a fair! I had heard of fairs before, like in this book, but I had never been to one.

Here is what a fair is like. First, it’s really hot outside. You park your car and you walk a long way, past some sculptures of animals and a big fountain. You go down 99 steps. Then you walk across a bunch of grass. (I recommend getting your Daddy to carry you for all these parts.) The fair part is a bunch of tent things, as well as a big stage, and some big things that are full of air, according to Daddy. One of them was a big red and purple thing that some kids can crawl into and then crawl out the other end. Daddy asked me if I wanted to crawl through it, and I said, “no.” I did not want to do that! That big red and purple thing did make a big impression on me, though. I still reminisce about it.

There were lots of people there, and lots of little tents. We walked around and looked at them, but I have to tell you, most of them were pretty boring. There was a good one that gave me a white balloon, though. That was cool. Also, people at a different one took our picture, and I really like the picture. I call it “the special picture.” We saw a really big dog — as tall as Dante! We also saw some little bitty toys, but nothing too exciting.

After a while, both Daddy and I were feeling really hot, so Daddy bought a drink called “lemonade.” I had never had it before. I think it was pretty good! What was even better, though, was after the lemonade was gone, we had this grownup glass full of ice. We sat in the shade and I would put a piece of ice into my mouth, hold it there for a minute, then spit it back out into the cup. Daddy says I did this for 45 minutes straight. Whatever — I wasn’t keeping track of the time. All I know is it was very fun and absorbing. I think the ice in the shade was my favorite part of the fair.

After that, we watched some people dance for a few minutes, and then Daddy carried me across the grass again. We went up the 99 steps, and looked at the fountain for a while. Then something amazing happened — we saw a helicopter! It was orange and really big, and we saw it fly across the sky, and then it landed on the field. It was loud, too! I had seen helicopters before, but I had never seen one this close. It landed right at the bottom of the 99 steps!

The ice was still my favorite part, though.


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