Sick sick sick

Life here kind of sucks at the moment.

Dante has had diarrhea since Friday, and vomited up nothing but water yesterday morning, then crackers a little later in the day. We had a dr’s appointment that afternoon anyway to take off his cast, and his pediatrician said he’s got a nasty stomach bug that’s going around. Sadly, there’s nothing much to do for it but try to keep him hydrated and give him the ol’ Bananas-Rice-Applesauce-Toast diet. He’s not much for rice or applesauce, so that narrows things down quite a bit. Sadly, he’s refusing PediaLyte these days, but he’ll occasionally consent to drink some water. He spent much of yesterday downstairs on the couch, sleeping on Laura. At one point I tried to take him back up to his crib, but he woke up enough to say, “No. Do you want to stay downstairs.” (“Do you want” is his way of saying “I want”.)

Things are a little better today, in that at least the hurling phase appears to be over. However, the many many horrible diapers continue. Predictably, he also has nasty diaper rash from all the diarrhea, and is in much pain from that. He was extremely listless and wan yesterday, but today he seemed to get his energy back in occasional spurts. He asked for the marbles this morning, which was a good sign. And we did get his cast off — it’s quite fun to have both his arms back. We got him some balloons, which did buoy his spirits a bit.

There’s kind of a perfect storm happening right now — I’m on a high-pressure project at work, we’re replacing Laura’s car, my parents are on a cruise (yay for them, but our extra childcare is gone), Dante is sick, Laura’s dealing with medical crap, it’s extremely hot outside every day… et cetera et cetera. It’s fairly ridiculous.

I promise my next message will be more cheerful.


3 thoughts on “Sick sick sick

  1. Ok, I’m definitely incorporating the “do you want” thing, somehow.

    That’s a long time to have diarrhea for a little guy. I hope it slows down tomorrow.


  2. Well, I hate it when your life sucks. But on the plus side, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I have a card for you that I bought weeks ago. However, time seems to be whizzing by me lately, and I realized that night that in order for said card to reach you by your birthday, it should have been mailed already. Which of course it has not. So that will be late. Regardless, I hope you have a wonderful day, or at least a less-sucky day than some of your recent days. I love you!

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