Recently, Mama and Daddy brought home the greatest thing ever: marbles! One hundred marbles. These are so great in so many ways. They’re pretty. They roll. They make a great sound. They have lots of colors. They have lots of sizes, too: big, medium, little, and little little baby. They can be transparent (which means you can see through them) or opaque (which means you can’t.) They can be in a pile, or spread out. They can stack on top of each other sometimes. They feel really cool under your hands or feet. They are just awesome!

At first, I only wanted them to be in a pile. Anytime anybody would try to do something else with them, I would say: “No. In a pile.” Then I would take the offending removed marbles and return them to the group. I would look at them from above, and then I would put my head on the ground and look at them from that angle.

After a couple days of this, I decided they could do some other stuff. I started putting them on the table, which is great because they would all roll to the center. If you put other stuff on the table, like a book or a truck, they’d all collect around that, which looks nifty. Also, when they’re in a pile on the ground, you can drop one of the big ones or the medium ones on it, and it makes some of the marbles jump. Oh, and you can sort them into their different colors, especially if you have different color tins to put them in.

I think about them all the time. Last week, I was hiking with Mama, and I kept thinking about them. I would say, “Marbles. Roll. In a pile.” Then she would tell me that I could play with the marbles when we get home. Unfortunately, something must have happened on the ride home, because the next thing I knew after being in the car was I woke up in my crib. So I did what I do when I wake up: Door opens — BANG! Light goes on — flick! Fan goes on — whop whop whop whop. That tells Mama that I’m ready to get up. When she came up, I wasted no time. I looked at her and said: “Marbles. One hundred marbles.”

Then she took me downstairs and I played with the marbles. Yay!


2 thoughts on “Marbles!

  1. Moon Marble Company

    Hey, Dante! Out here in Kansas, we have something we call the marble factory. Its real name is the Moon Marble Company. They sell all kinds of toys, and they have tons of marbles. There is even a man there who makes marbles, and on Tuesdays, you can watch him. So tell your Daddy that you need to make a trip out here to see me and the marbles. The sooner the better!

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