Big Pink Arm

You may have heard — the bone in my arm got hurt. When this happens, what you do is go to the doctor and they look at you, and then there’s some scary stuff, and then you get a Big Brown Arm. Then you get balloons and ice cream! That is the best part, though it’s still not quite worth it. Anyway, I had one Big Brown Arm and one Little White Arm for a few days, and then we went back to the doctor. She unwrapped my Big Brown Arm so that I had two Little White Arms again.

Then Mommy and Daddy told me I’d get to have a new color on my arm, and it could be green, pink, or red. “Pink!” I said decisively. Daddy said he was a little surprised because he knows my favorite color is red. So the doctor asked me again if I wanted pink or red, and held them up. “Pink!” I said again, and pointed at the pink, hoping that would get my message across. What can I say? I was in a pink mood.

So then they put another arm sock on me, and wrapped it in some more white stuff, and then she filled up the sink and played in the water for a little bit. I thought maybe she had changed her mind, so I said, “Want it off”, but my request was denied. After that, she pulled some pink stuff out of the water and wrapped it around my arm. Before long it got very hard and rough. So now I have one Big Pink Arm and one Little White Arm. It’s really not as good as having two Little White Arms — for one thing, the thumb I like to suck is encased in all this pinkness, and very hard to get to. But everybody seems to think it’s the cool thing to do, so I’ll go along with it for a while, I guess. It does make an excellent sound when I whack it against the crib.

The doctor also gave my friend James Bear a Big Pink Arm so I wouldn’t be the only one. I thought that was nice. Here’s a picture of us:


4 thoughts on “Big Pink Arm

  1. Thumbs as far up as they can go, given the cast

    I just wanted to give M and D a thumbs up for letting you pick out your own cast color. I know many parents who would not let their kids do that, and some other who might let their kidss do that, as long as their boys did not say pink. I am related to some of those parents! Anyway, you look just as cute as ever, and it seems like you are adjusting to your Big Pink Arm very well. It’s cool that James has one too, so you have someone to talk to who knows what you’re going through. Keep on being awesome with your Big Pink Arm. I love you!

  2. I was very sorry to hear about your fall but happy to see the pretty pink arm that you have as a result. I hope that it doesn’t bother you too much and how nice it is that you and your bear have matching arms for a while. Take good care of yourself and your bear!

    Love, Kansas Jenny’s mom

  3. Oh no, how awful! But what a good sport — look at that smile! Love the bear cast, too. Hope the arm is healing quickly.


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