Big Birds

Maaa-maaa and I have seen some amazing stuff recently. Once, after we finished hiking Up Mountain And Down Mountain, we went to the ranger cottage. This is Like The Ranger’s House, according to maaa-maaa. Anyway, inside there are lots of animals holding very, very still. They are like stuffed animals, except that they look just like real animals, and you’re not supposed to hug them. The most exciting of these, by far, were Two Big Geese Hanging From Ceiling. These geese were so big! Their wings were As Long As Mama’s Arms! And the sound they make is like Awk! Awk! These geese didn’t make any sound, though. Maaa-maaa just told me about the sounds they make. I think about these geese all the time. I probably say “Two Big Geese Hanging From Ceiling” about three times a day.

Then, on another day, we were at a pond and we saw a Big White Bird! This was seriously the biggest bird I have ever seen. Maaa-maaa said it is called a Pel-I-Can. I have some trouble saying this whole word, so I just say “Peh-Can.” Actually, that’s not true. I just say “Big White Bird!” Something amazing that this bird did was that it put its head In The Water Looking For Food, but its feet stayed on the ground. See, when a duck is Looking For Food, it goes all the way Upside Down so that its bottom goes up in the air. (I do an excellent impression of this, by the way. Sometime I will show you — I do it and then I say: “Upside Down! Like A Duck Looking For Food!”) This Big White Bird didn’t need to go upside down, though. He would put his bill in the water (and that bill was As Long As Dante’s Arm!) and then, when he found a fish, he would Throw His Head Back and swallow it like Gok! Gok! Gwalk! I could hardly believe it, but I saw it happen.


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