Mo’ Money

Something I get to do now that’s really fun is climbing on the Big Maaa-maaa And Daaa-Teee Bed. I usually need a little boost to get up there, but once I’m there, it is a party! I can bounce up and down, or dive headfirst, or lie down and rest for a minute. The best part, though, is the Big Cup Full Of Money. This is right next to the bed, but I can play with it if I ask. I didn’t know what it was called at first — I just pointed at it and said “cup.” That’s when they showed me that it’s a really BIG cup that has tons of these cool silver and brown circles in it. Apparently these circles are money. What I know is they make a great noise when they clink together, like how the rain ought to sound. Also, I remember some of them because maaa-maaa lets me put some in the parking meter when we get out of the car sometimes. For several days now I’ve been going into the bedroom and immediately saying, “Big Cup Full Of Money” so that I can play with it.

Today daaa-teee bought me a New Bank. He showed me how to use it. You Put In Slot and then Push Down With Hand. Then it has these numbers that show up every time you put money in. Daaa-teee told me that the reason you have to Push Down With Hand is so that it can feel the money and know what number to show. It is awesome. I could seriously do it All Night Long. Tonight daaa-teee would take out a handful of money and I would get to put it into the New Bank one circle at a time. When his hand was empty, I would say, “Mo’ Money.” He and maaa-maaa seemed to think this was really funny. After a while, they made me take a bath, but I kept talking about it all night long. “New Bank!” “Push Down With Hand!” “MONEY!”

I can’t wait to play with it again.


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