Last Christmas, Dante’s Aunt Jenny, a Brooklyn resident until this week, gave Dante a cool hooded sweatshirt emblazoned with the name of her adopted burg. Last week, Dante got fascinated with the hoodie I was wearing and wanted to have his own. Here are some pics of him in all his hooded, hands-in-pockets, coolest-toddler-on-the-block glory:

And finally, one of us together showing off our hoodedness.


2 thoughts on “Represent!

  1. Very adorable! I couldn’t help but notice that in the second picture, Dante has one pant leg pulled up. Has he already joined a gang at this tender age, and if so, which one? I want to make sure I wear the right colors next time I visit! I love you guys!

    • As far as I know, Dante has not joined a gang. I had no idea that uneven pants were the sign of such a thing, really. However, he does spend time at the local rec center daycare, so who knows what sorts of schemes he’s hatching with his fellow shorties?

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